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Together we can end gender based violence! Are you with us?

As a not-for profit organisation, Shakti’s work is built upon the kindness and generosity of New Zealanders who play a big part in saving the lives of countless women and children from our community.  It is only with your help and support that we can continue to empower marginalised women and children experiencing domestic violence.

How you can help:

Leave us a gift in your Will

As a commitment to leaving a safe and just society for women and girls to live and thrive, you may consider leaving Shakti a gift in your Will. A gift in your Will can leave behind a legacy of benefit to vulnerable women, children and young people experiencing family violence. For more information on how you can make a lasting impact in supporting the work we do, contact our funding officer who will answer your questions in confidence at funding@shakti.org.nz

Host a fundraising event

What better way to support our work than to get together with friends and make an event of it? Throw a dinner party, host afternoon tea, hold a charity auction for Shakti, run a marathon, and while you’re at it, invite your friends and family to make a donation to help us save lives. This is a fun and easy way of supporting Shakti and you are encouraged to be as creative as you would like! Not only will Shakti benefit with direct funding, we will also have our profile raised in order to reach more members of our community and raise awareness of our services.


Join the movement! Beyond crisis intervention, Shakti pushes for long-term social change. As a not for profit organisation, each member of staff is typically supported by 3 volunteers and without our dedicated volunteers, Shakti wouldn’t be able to do critical work we do to support victim/survivors of domestic violence. If you would like to volunteer with Shakti, email your cv to hrd@shakti.org.nz. We look forward to hearing from you!

Donate goods

Women and their children typically arrive at our refuge with nothing but their passports and the clothes on their backs. Our women’s advocate provides support in accessing social welfare support, however this often barely covers the basic needs of our clients who are starting to build their lives up again from scratch. Donating petrol vouchers, clothing, blankets, kitchen appliances, toiletries and food would go a long way in supporting women get back on their feet. If you would like to donate in this way, contact us at hrd@shakti.org.nz.

Give in celebration

Are you having a special occasion coming up? Such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding,…
Start a fundraiser and invite all your friends to help reach your target! It is a simple and personal way to make a difference. If you would like to donate in this way, contact us at fundraising@shakti.org.nz.

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